We offer families and individuals with ADHD ways to overcome impairments by providing answers, suggestions, resources, support and strategies. ADDvantagekc will teach ways to manage the ADHD life with confidence. ADDvantagekc curriculum can be a game-changer.

ADHD is the most debated of disabilities. 80% of adults with ADHD have a second disorder and with proper assessment and treatment can experience life change. We offer counseling skills based on the most experienced researchers in the world.

These workshops are for professional educators with a desire to better serve the 15+ million misunderstood and under-served populations of individuals and families living with ADHD. Because ADHD manifests itself in many different ways, educators need to be equipped with several strategies to address the many ways symptoms may occur in students. ADDvantagekc can enhance educators’ current behavioral strategies by; increasing the understanding of the ADHD brain, gaining understanding of the methods of treatment, and boosting the ability to talk with parents of children with ADHD.

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