Individual sessions use the ADDvantagekc Curriculum as a shortcut to understanding ADHD.  It includes web-links, videos, activities and assessments on slide modules.  These files are loaded onto a flash drive. 

These sessions are flexible and intended to fit your needs.  We do in-home, coffee shop, or office setting.  We work together to schedule date, time, and location.

The sessions are designed to educate, provide strategies, and focus on strengths of the individual with ADHD.

For $329 you will get 3 hours of session time (3:1 hour, 1:1.5 hours, or 1:3 hours, you choose) and the Adult ADHD Revealed Curriculum.  If you would like to continue with us past the 3 hours, we charge $80.00 per hour.

ADHD Parent Boot Camp


Parents of an ADHD child can become frustrated with the lack of understanding from family, spouses, friends, schools, and neighbors. Also they can:

  • Feel exhausted from organizing and managing their child’s schedule and daily tasks.

  • Feel irritated with the noises, impulsiveness, constant motion, and manipulation.

  • Can become exhausted from homework battles and social challenges.

  • ​Feel confused trying to manage all of the symptoms, types of medication, vitamins, food additives, food coloring, anti-oxidants, essential oils, exercise, etc.


Parents benefit from the ADHD Parent Boot Camp by connecting with others who have lived with experience of ADHD. Also parents will:

  • Acquire new information on ADHD.

  • Let go of normal expectations, and learn to appreciate the reality of raising a child with ADHD.

  • Learn strategies and get support to manage day-to-day scrabble.

  • Obtain current research and substantial information on how the ADHD brain works and the stages, situational struggles and reasonable expectations for parenting children with ADHD.

  • Access to parent resources with current information, websites, activities, and strategies.

  • Parents will leave feeling equipped and empowered; no longer isolated, judged or alone.

Information on the Parent Boot Camp Workshops:
The boot camp sessions are offered in 3-hours of workshop setting. The informational modules will be reviewed and the downloadable set will be sent to your email and included in the price of registration. The presenter and small group leaders are licensed mental health professionals.


Visit the Enroll tab to enroll in this Boot Camp.

Therapeutic Support Groups
The boot camp therapeutic support groups meet once a week for 1.5 hours for six-weeks. These groups come together as an ADHD community to learn strategies in order to address the challenges of ADHD parenting. The presenter and small group leaders are licensed mental health professionals.   

Coming Soon!

Through the support network, participants will experience benefits that individual therapy and peer led groups may not provide. This network enables members to encourage, support, understand, and share their experiences. In this confidential and safe environment, parents realize they are not alone. The group counseling creates an environment of acceptance, inclusion, and the understanding that raising a child with ADHD can be to everyone’s ADDvantage.  

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